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she was suffering from some febrile disease, gave her the

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then the dressings were removed without causing haemorrhage. It

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taken to Paris. On recommendation of various surgeons, four

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Satdbday, Januury 25th : New York Medical and Surgical Society

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smallest one inch, and the third intermediate in size.

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Observaciones medlco-legales sobre el caso de Don Est^ban Verd6,

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erence both to intensity and to duration ; with the strength

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ing away. Addition of 1 to-5-per-cent. caustic soda will

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earthy phosphates. The urine of cattle is normally turbid

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trochlear surface of the femur. Immediately above it was a de-

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is still, the experience of the writer, and his experience, he

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gress. Gentlemen may, however, be enrolled as members by sending

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continuous or an interrupted suture may be used, silk being preferable

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Dr. McCosh's case. Within a year and a half he had been

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plasma cells. (Drawn with same lenses as used in Fig.

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wiry character, somewhat hard to the touch. I suspected that

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in children who had been exclusively fed on milk from a healthy

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tiva and around orbit. The right eye is immovable laterally.

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is often absolutely necessary to the cure of many a urethral

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extension for a long time, but yet they frequently cause

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ures for all coughs should be deprecated — nay, more, how

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About an inch of the olecranon process and the head of the

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The points marking the diffuse septic peritonitis were: 1.


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one hundred and twenty-six pounds. About three pound.s were

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in a blood-vessel of very small caliber, the bubble of air would form an

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vaccination. He urged Dr. Hunter, therefore, to investigate the

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fertile groups refuse to breed, and some in the most sterile groups'