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Kings County Medical .\ssooiation, held Friday, January loth, tlie elec-
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sues. The bladder may be readily separated from the fundus uteri.
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the affected side. To overcome abduction, the wing is at-
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freiiuent, and Charpentier has failed to notice that which has been
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when the hypertrophies have led to ulceration, fistuhie,
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and still continued to employ this treatment, but now performed
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Dr. A. V. L. Brokaw, of St. Louis, warmly took exception
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Montgomery County Medical Society, Pennsylvania. — The members
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again we see life gradually sapped by rebellious chronic
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lowed by almost immediate relief The patient now suffered no
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]S36-'37. At the latter period it was again most widely
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can Packet Co. (('. B. Richard i Co., general passenger agents, 61
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opening for some time. Tbe patient ultimately recovered en-
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Dr. Webster, who, on making an examination, discovered retinal
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forerunners of a termination in sudden death. The author sums up as
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large dilution in alkaline water, and by administering full
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as experience has amply shown, are active factors in pro-
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will be long remembered. The popular vocabulary has
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ing many years, the epilepsy appears idiopathic, and finally,
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study of certain diseases, and their treatment by potent
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Dr. A. Jacobi said that when, two years ago, ho had invited
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ber of his cases he had operated in the midst of active peritonitis,
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The eruption is very rare in those works where the men wear special
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ment the patient's condition untreated was often as good as
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sulph., 3 j ; acid, sulph. arora., 3 ij ; aquas, ad | j. A tea-
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from spontaneous testimony, that slight ocular insufficiencies
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In this connection I must say a word of tuberculous ul-
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child of healthy parents ; was hearty and vigorous at birth.
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adjusted that the measuring arms press with equal force
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Otis will scarcely dare to assert that Nature has been guilty
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middle region of the thighs. This is the region which is brought most
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towards right sacro-iliac-synchondrosis. As the forehead seemed