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and syphilis, iv. The difference in behavior in immune serum
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and enlarged by the author and his son, William T. Cathell, A.
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Assistant Resident Pathologist. . .Stanhope Bayne-Jones.
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mechanical and chemical, and with the medico-legal relations
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ied medicine at Dartnuaith Medical College. He began to prac-
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the general government, and the Department of State has invited,
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which sometimes became of a megraine character, with vomiting.
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surrounded the organ of hearing and its treatment throughout the
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Compend of Regional Diagnosis — in affections of the Brain and
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Ernest O. Grant. End to end anastomosis of the axillary artery. —
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throtomies, urethral fistulae, peri-urethral abscess
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taking pelvic and abdominal examinations without anesthesia,
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vacuo at low temperature to dryness. It appears as lustrous
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doctors of Texas fifteen years ago, and I am sure many of them
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Henby J. Berkley, M. D., Clinical Professor of Psychiatry.
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The ganglion cells of the gray matter while many of them evidence
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As I have suggested above, there is almost no abdominal
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8. Thou shalt be antiseptic in thy conduct and aseptic in t.hy practice.
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to her surroundings, usually staring vacantly into space. The gas-
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serve. It is understood that it will be the President's policy
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The toxicity of certain hirudin preparations. — Ibid., 1915, vii,
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mental improvement which persisted until her discharge March 18,
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weakness, the other a deep-seated constitutional neurosis, a result
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nesday at 12 m. throughout the year. (See Department of
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disability following industrial accidents. — California State Jour-
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able that the course should include laboratory instruction in embry-
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the case, should be sent away before he consents to touch it, and,
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ing Along the Line of the International and Great Xorthern Eail-
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International Congress at St. Louis to receive the representatives
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ence Handbook of the Medical Sciences, 1914, IV; 1915, v.
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Kindly communicate with Dr. W. H. Watters, Director of the Department
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School. Other libraries of Baltimore are the Peabody, the
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274 ; Colliding, J. ¥., 684 ; Hamlin, C. F., 656; Hancock, A. S., 274;