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Practical Points in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Malaria in Chil-
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that of a dog (the field spaniel). In the animal of this spe-
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firmity, so far as he can recall his early history, and his mother
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Removal of the Vermiform Appendix for Recurrent In-
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current literature his favorable or unfavorable views as to its
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twenty-four, married eight months, had menstruated regularly
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fering or of chronic invalidism. It is as much the province
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the method advocated abroad of determining a line of demarka-
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Shortly after this Langenbeck had a death seventeen hours
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per cent, being females. The lai' number of cases belong to the
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mon reed, such as pipe-stoms are made of. This home-made
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fact that most people had a more or less obstructive lesion of
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complete ; we have troubles of sensibility first, then troubles of mo-
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first one about six weeks after the operation, although not of a
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gr. V, every hour. Reported to be well in throe or four
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disturbed by their use they should be discontinued. If the de-
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description of the malady, as each case is peculiar in itself. As prin-
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from even, which led Jacobi (Intest. Diseases, p. 86) to the
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nervo-rauscular apparatus. These organic affinities are not
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Novemher SSil. — Motion of eye almost perfect in all direc-
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all children of the same " genius epidemicus." Epidemics of zoster oc-
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result of treatment at the hands of some so-called special-
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While this does not purport to be a systematic treatise, or
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ordinary. The patient often abandons himself to incessant loquacity,
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worn by the West Point cadets, on the ground of its interfer-
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by evaporation, and as the material should amount to about
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were also the choanas and the spaces about the Eustachian ori-
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apprehension by many persons who have exerted themselves to
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nally poor, they have risen by steady industry to the accu-
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number of experiments on animals, and these he has published
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its removal if the diagnosis was made before rapture. If the
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as it was a quarter of a century ago. It is a remarkable
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the cold, and was always fresh and without trace of putre-
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He had, however, learned something from the paper, and had
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on the scale of any other instrument for measuring the
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not one of those who scorn the aid of the laboratory or
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down," as the popular phrase is) often precedes the reap-
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The Finance Committee after examining the books of the Treas-
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cantharides plasters of about the .size of a quarter of a dollar.
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into the bladder. Thus about half the stone was removed, the
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dom and zeal displayed in perfecting and extending the meas-
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