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of these organs. A number of patients thus treated were re-
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She was unable to sleep and bad an indescribable feeling of lan-
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3, 4) has been investigating the question whether or not the acuteness
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ings will be inserted when they are reccii'cd in time.
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condition was necessary ; secondly, some obscure atmospheric
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Case XI. — A. M., aged forty-seven, had had for years great
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The preparation of neurokeratin depends upon the re-
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Dr. II. 0. CoE, of New York, thought that too much stress
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visions previous to such introduction. It would be remembered
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of air, the patient rapidly becoming asphyxiated, and at the post-
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The Tenth International Medical Congress. — The Hamburg-Ameri-
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scraping instead of by cutting, a method which enabled us
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teristic of typhoid fever) is frequently found in other diseases, we are
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part as it did in his great-grandfather, and under the direct influ-
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pain in the umbilical region which soon shifted to the right iliac
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lowed by dizziness, very often by loss of consciousness last-
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treatment is due to the giving of from twenty to forty
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entirely normal, perhaps a trifle protruding. There was not
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I never divide the frenal attachment of the lip to the
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such application, the wart becomes softened or dissolved, and it now
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Mr. M'Ardle said that his reason for adopting the supra-
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and Rothenstein, of Berlin, and of the Hamburg American
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and vigorous appeal in behalf of State medicine, and that the Board
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clinic. In two of the cases there was complete rupture of the perinaeum,
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30, 1882, and Work of Boards of Health Restricting the Same. A
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as one of very infrequent occurrence. Men of large experi-
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exhibited by Dr. Nichols presented almost total destruction ot
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cluding his paper, the speaker offered the following points for
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against the gentle virtue modesty; yet with all becoming observance
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same intensity of the stimulation. If arrest of e-xpiration
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patient in this position for four weeks longer, gradually less-
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be found interesting. The author found in a woman of tweuty-nine
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and physical training must go hand in hand in the rearing and guid-
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during strong stimulation the inspiratory muscles relax, are
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and a plenty of each with cleanliness of person and household de-
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tions. It may be used in the so-called external form, by frictions, and
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to any practitioner who may be interested in the surgery of the