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ment from the urethra after the manner of withdrawing a
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often complicates and surrounds the initial sclerosis aud
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juice employed, in order to be sure of its activity, by try-
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No furtlier attacks occurred until October, 1888, when her preg-
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on tuberosity rotation, accompanied by non-rotation of the
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Growths, reail in the Section of Pathology at the last annual meet-
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every three hours may be given with benefit. After a few
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Quantitative Determination of Neurokeratin. — The meth-
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erythematous affection requires, consequently, that all un-
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myself with becoming modesty when I say that no wiser
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before this is expected. In tertian fevers the proper time for
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and is comparatively useless if the disease is very extensive.
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On account of the very feeble condition of the patient, the
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spasms of the lower extremities had increased, while the tris-
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public. Dr. Wilson, in having recourse to the soda-salt in typhoid,
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utero-gestation. It showed equino-varus of the left and calca-
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respiration, alike failed to restore it. These measures of relief
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fifth and fortieth years, declining in the subsequent decennial epochs.
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to time, of the growth with the post-nasal cutting forceps
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reports, the value of the latter would be enhanced.
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either ot two ways: 1. Reflex phenomena due to hysteria might
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that are being met with by recent writers on the subject. Sev-
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before, we thought it advisable while in this condition to
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just behind and above the orifice of the external auditory
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we have most successfully accomplished by |>lacing the small
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On the patient's admission into the City of Dublin Hospital,
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attachment, a finger in the rectum serving as a guide, and this leaves a
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cylinder of card-board made which is open at both ends, the lower end
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gelsemium, or that the results are less satisfactory than in
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liframent, and before the period of fcetal viability. 3. The
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The New York Academy of Medicine. — At the next meeting of the
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ever acts you pass or whatever powers you confer upon public offi-
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dullness extends as far as the axillary line. There is thus a cen-
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object was noticed to have become located somewhere in
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tracts must, of course, share in this variability. It is this defect which
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