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tion on the fence of doubt by calling it one of diphtheritic sore

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Saturday, February 15th : Clinical Society of the New York Post-gradu-

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with fluid saved, and that drawn off a short time before operating

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San Diego, Cal. [Reprinted from the University Medical Magazine.]

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tus which he now wore could be reiuoved. The speaker did

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forces is composed of faculties. It would be easy to pursue the

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to the Legislature from that county in 1825. In 1826 he returned

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in puerperal and non-puerperal women, and may be due, as

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what is allopurinol 200 mg used for

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It lessens motor power in all animals, resembling in this

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29th. — The tongue dry. Pulse regular, but rapid and weak.

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backward and stupid, a condition attributed to their inability

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The preliminary proceedings were devoted to the election

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questions propounded sent in should be carefully edited, and the

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typical headaches that the mydriatics do good, and they do

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Operation. — Macewen (Arch, of Otol., xviii, 3) reports a case of this

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Broca even affirms that many animals in the Jardin des Plantes,

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either as a solid or as a liquid. According to Dr. Reese, the

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that might be elaborated. But what I have attempted has

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Vulva with Gummy Hyperplasia of Clitoris, Prolapsus Recti,

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the number of drugs which have afforded the best results

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tions are to be ubserceU: (i) when a manuscript is sent to this jour-

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chronic inflammation is present in the nose, and probably through-

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the greatest interest of the case lay in the peculiar form of arte-

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capsular fracture of the femur. It had been removed from

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the patient had died from ileo-colitis, with hajmorrhage, caused

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with great uniformity the whole colon, though not to the

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til the afternoon of the 13th, when she experieneed considerable

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practitioner, it will surely prove instructive to the younger

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of the paper state that the passing of sutures through the kid-

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