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from their condition in the adult — they are so undeveloped in
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liberty to submit the following considerations, which, to my
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tive views as to the propriety of intra-uterine applications
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a long posterior splint of cloth to tlie back of the thigh and leg,
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— hydriodic acid must be studied in order to appreciate the
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the intervention of traps, strainers, or valves, and, this part of
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llenning, Czerny, Bardenheuer, Olshausen, Schroeder, Martin, Leopold,
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that he spoke of an "impregnated ovum attaching itself pri-
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ite ware. Nothing will injure them, and there are no
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liculus can be slit up and an Agnew- Weber knife pas-sed
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of the kidney, tension, and distension, followed by nausea and
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capable of continued existence; the 27-week3 foetus, according to Ahl-
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mucous connective tissue. In either case there is true
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term contracted) that signifies small-pox. To this he also added his
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the greatest facility over the wound, so as to fit into all its irregular-
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thirty-two days the symptoms were : (1) rapidly increasing dis-
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of Otol., xviii, ;i, 4) has observed that when a patient phonates, the
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ment of adhesive plaster, straps, and buckles; that it is not
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Zoster Epidemics and the S.t\o\agy of Zoster. — That epidemics of
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preferment among medical men to be compared with that of the
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Fig. 21.— Section of the siiin in Case 11. •/, nurinal epidermis, h, h, h. small rounded and
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will not, 1 dare say, have escaped the attention of those who
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ing, and no spasms or contractures. There was a slight tend-
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cording to this method, the topography in the adult and young
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after established beyond all question that lupus and tuber-
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the quantity of the drug given as upon peculiarities in the
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At the other extreme is the view of Keppler,* who con-
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be added with advantage that where the syphilitic di-
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other. The disease originates, as far as we know, in only one
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State. It would seem proper to mention the charitable work of
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in which the vermiform appendix is found inclosed, thus ex-