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These men discern no difficulties and have few failures ; they can

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enemata. Morphine was used to procure rest. Examination

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dilapidated superstition, has its effect upon the human organism,

prednisone 20mg dosage for bronchitis

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able physical causes, but an apathetic, superstitious submission to

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Dr. S. Lewengood recalled a case which emphasized the

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tion of the kidney is advisable to clear up the diagnosis, fol-

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of Chemistry and Toxicology, and Lecturer on Diseases of Children in

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conditions which an author wishes complied with must be distinctly

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that beneficent purpose which the glorious science of medi-

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paper on seborrhcea. He could not agree with those who had

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hours, and ice-water by the teaspoonful to allay thirst. She now

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tion is not so entirely useless as some good scholars would suppose.

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attacks at first came on at long intervals. She had recently seen

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extension for a long time, but yet they frequently cause

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there was chronic naso-pharyngeal catarrh. In a fourth case, seen

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which was observed by the author himself and is given in detail. The

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A Paper read before American Academy of Medicine, October 27th,

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deaths registered as due to that disease was not more than

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ized peritonitis or a paratyphlitic lesion. Possibly cold

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Dr. Dohrn had used a uterine tampon of iodoform gauze for atony

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scrotum getting very large. From month to montii, and from

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strual period of the female. This is correct as regards the general

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entire population of the city, which is not far from 150,000.

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punctures were made. The dura was closed with catgut, the

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And our religious papers act upon the same principle, for how

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does not occur, death resulting from secondary formations in the viscera

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* Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, New York, November,

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posed for the treatment of this disease, but not one of them