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cuticle sutures — which were silk — ulcerated through, requiring

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Dusty Occupations to Pulmonary Phthisis. 2. The Present Aspect of

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tion, and immobilization of an inflamed joint, or the arrest of

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thing whatever, except tea and toast and hot milk. On the

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tients died, 367 were discharged cured, and 640 were other-

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the female the symptoms produced often resemble those

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case extensive kidney lesions were found, but in the first

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Dr. A G. Carr read his report as Chairman of the Section on Dis-

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these cases there can be no mistake regarding the value of

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rent in the county in which a Superintendent serves.

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phobia in a human subject ; and we know that many other

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bolic and catabolic processes, the latter into male and female

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" The measure has a large number of very excellent features,

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exception to the rule that syphilitic lesions were due to a col-

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friend's memoirs, one can but wonder how such an eminent

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still remained intact, they could be developed by appropriate

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with all the births, as against other congenital deformities, and

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or boil, as shown by fluctuation, it must be evacuated, and

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by a broad base, and was lobulated by three or four deep

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whom were given heroic doses of sodium bromide for epilepsy,

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white substance, it is impossible to avoid the loss of water

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sister of the patient said that the box had had nine pills in it,

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There are brown discolorations on the chest; there is excessive

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bined with great cleanliness and antisepsis, very often is of

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persons were saved from death in the ten years 1871-80, who would

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globus. Her temperature was 100° F. ; pulse, 96. The erup-

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many-tailed bondage. The pulse previous to operating was 116, and

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ceed from many sources. Uterine displacements interfer-

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avail themselves of the accommodation and attention which

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feature in the case — ten drops of a four-per-cent. solution,


ant Suigcon. Par. 4, S. 0. 43, A. G. 0., February 20, 1890.

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•severe bruising of the tissues, it was soft and slightly sloughy.

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cumulations. The aim was to make the production not exceed