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Acute dacryocystitis, like an abscess anywhere else, is

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(Arch, of Otol., xviii, 3, 4) has shown in a previous article that the fatal

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In an article in the Fortschritte der Medicin, Stilling makes

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Stewart, of this city, then a senior student, had told me of this

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observed under the same tests in the same individual, at differ-


thinks it is an erroneous idea that any one method of treatment or

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curved ones answered remarkably well, as under rather powerful

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cult to make out, owing to the mental state. Urine and faeces

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Medical Journal. An exploratory abdominal incision, accord-

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region, had become suddenly but incompletely paraplegic. A

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require expectorants. When we remember how frequently

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purpose is the croup-kettle, which in certain forms can be

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is not a disease'in the accepted sense any more than is the the-

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of power in this condition was in favor of the sphincter muscle,

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normal in every way, only the tongue was covered with a whitish

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warming power of the nose, yet all writers agree that to

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plete I mean that a microscopic examination of the growth

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as his investigation went, that the majority of the valvulne con-

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curable chronic epilepsy (from three to six attacks a year),

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form of closely-grouped papules of the diameter at the base of four to

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far as we can judge, seem destined to be sufferers in later

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the latter. 2. The expulsion of the polyp. 3. The return to a normal

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terior fossa of the base. Almost always the injury is fol-

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you rub in the powder, and what did you do with the little

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of the Nose and Naso-pharynx. With 4 Colored Plates and

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in twenty cases. The method has also been described by Boer and by