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nection upon the intestines of one hundred and nine cases.
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Tliese cases tend to strengthen the testimony in favor
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less importance. We talk of inherited gout in instances
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VII. 50 grammes of white substance from the corpus callosum gave
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pain. The sufferings of the patient, however, did not seem to
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and yot the training which they must undergo was at least as
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have been sent to any other periodical, imless we are specially notified
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phonal played its most important role, as the patients were
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breast. Only a small quantity of gland tissue remained in the
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indulges freely in tobacco, as is also shown by the action of the
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Although no clinical histories of the cases are given, the
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few months later Dr. Thomas had found a prolapsed ovary, but
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Ebert, Rudolph G., Captain and Assistant Surgeon, now on sick leave
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pain. The distal end naturally tends to become gangrenous,
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the life history of the man who was one of the most earnest of our so-
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and myopic eyes, respectively, as indicated in the diagram.
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ing the Tenacity of Experimental Rabietic Virus. All these
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dence of which, his diploma, must be submitted to the board. Further
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here. Observations made in this region show the nature and progress
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sue fibers and processes of the fibroblasts cut transversely. i\ ยป, plasma cells, z, ?, granular
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most prompt and favorable influence upon the progress of
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pare silk: Boil it in carbolic solution an hour, and then
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Dr. Roughton, of London, has called attention to this
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5 to 260. Prix 5 fnincs. [Publication du ProgrJis medical.]
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was certainly preferable to tearing them by the exercise of great
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alimentation should be resorted to. Morphine would alleviate
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which preceded death. After the use of the trephine, and
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the presence of a fibroid tumor, a careful curetting will re-
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thoughtful and hopeful expressions and demonstrate that our neigh-
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for the cause of the disease, to co-operate with the friends
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