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CARDIZEM* (diltiazem hydrochloride) is a calcium ion intlux

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Insane residents during the year 1840-41, was 91.3. The average of recove-

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long as 6 years after discontinuation of oral contraceptive use for cerebrovascular disease

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CARDIZEM’ (diltiazem hydrochloride) is a calcium ion Influx

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Aelian describes the serpents employed in the Askiepeia as

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Figure 1 — PA chest roentgenogram lung abscess. Note cavity

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ing dosage until optimal response is achieved. Contraindicated during acute recovery

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"A very fine platina needle was inserted into the trunk of the facial nerve,

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Average levels were 0 18, 0.20. 0 21 . and 0 16 mcg/ml at two.

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Dr. Brock — Notice of motion regarding unprofessional conduct.

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Norlestrin BH 1/50 is available in compacts each containing 21 tablets Each tablet contains

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At a Public Commencement held the 26lh day of March,

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the matter of unprofessional conduct on the [)art of H. E. Shepinird, of Toronto, begs leave

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ceptives. The relationship of these drugs to this type of malignancy is not known at this time.

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cive to health, especially in marshy districts. In 1860

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Georgia, there has been a special effort directed towards this most common of all

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following single or multiple drug administration is approximately 3.5

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"In either case the happy influence of the remedy was made evident upon