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the " Library of the Surgeon-General's Office." We have seen this

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1. Chloroform given in small doses produces a condition of physical

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tient the sensation of its being located somewhere in that

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nitrogen are somewhat lower ; on the other hand, the dif-

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power of acting injurious on the reproductive system. The whole

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times to sliiverings and alternate flushings of heat, with lan-

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bler and lower by degrees and finally left him completely. He

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twisted. On being digested with gastric juice, a very

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It might seem as though this diflEerence were of little

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noxious matter diffused is dependent on animalcula;, which

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parts, the abundance of blood wherewith it is engorged gives it even

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produced in sundry places, and at different Times, upon

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growth was large and high up, by direct examination per

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The character of the material removed, together with the

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dresses from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. The object of

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3.f Dr. E^INI. Hunt, Secretary of the New Jersey Board of Health,

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outward, and its length was, perhaps, a sixth of an inch, while

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indicated in anaemia, chlorosis, and in general in all conditions in

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are subject to the customary iiiles of editorial revision, and will he

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lantic. The programme includes the following titles :

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mares come monthly; and Cuvier, that buffaloes, zebras, and monkeys,

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peared. On October 4th he was found to have relapsed into

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cision, it was noticed that at the point indicated as being

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near London, but it was decided not to divide the fund, so that,

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(third) edition of the German Pharmacopoeia has, according to

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a swelling, more or less manifest, of the vulva and environing parts.

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useful in affections of the genitals and anal region, especially in condy-

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hibit the same increase of mortality among nurses during the years

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passed an approved examination before the Board of Examiners,

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of the nasal cavity. In two cases only, where the asthma had ex-

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Digitalis, strophanthus, and catteine * are especially use-