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ning in the fibers that are distributed to the macula lutea.

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usually considered an average normal state with most people. Persons

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usually single, they are multiple in a few instances. Rupture of these

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mode of onset also aids in the distinction. Pain, tenderness, and a re-

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Miliary aneiiri/sms occur along the course of the cerebral vessels, and

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by the growth. Primary intestinal carcinoma is rare in comparison with

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jaundice would indicate carcinoma of the duodenum. It is apparent,

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though a general tendency toward the limitation of its use to the mini-

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given in combination Avith antiseptics, Avhich latter are especially to

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nines and incisors, and is formed by a deposition of lead sulphid. Bluish

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sory ligament. The organ may occupy the epigastric region or be dis-

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characteristic, however, is the venous hum or bruit de diable — the soft

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and indeed sometimes betakes himself to bed for this reason. A feeling

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history will suffice. (2) Aneurysm.— In this affection the enlargement

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quires to be pushed to a point a little short of intoxication for the good

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the fact that certain drugs, as rhubarb and santonin, when given intern-

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develop spontaneously. Mental aberrations may set in, and melancholia

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ness, and by the use of the laryngoscope. In cases in which the epi-

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Diagnosis. — The recognition of hay asthma is unattended with

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acid. This may be placed in a test-tube or wine-glass, and some of the

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tongue and fibrillary twitchings may be noted, and if the condition be

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muscles and thereby the over-straining of the damaged muscles.

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occupies the right side, with reversion of the arch and displacement of

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Definition. — A systemic sclerosis affecting the posterior columns

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times limited to the left half of the abdomen), and perhaps acute splenic

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with or without work, insomnia, remorse, idleness, and secret vices, are

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Melanuria, or urine containing the pigment melanin, is found in cases

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applied around the neck, or an ice-bag used. Lozenges of guaiac (gr.

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are also the mucous membranes (conjunctivae, labise). In anemic subjects

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cussion was a paper presented by Dr. Humphreys on "Foreign Bodies

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Relative tricuspid incompetency, secondary to mitral disease (a fre-

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being toward the sound side. This only takes place in cases that have

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Pathology. — The gross anatomic characteristics and peculiarities

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symptom is breathlesHness on exertion, due to a weak heart and to the

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The prognosis is practically hopeless, and abscess or gangrene may

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Percussion. — The extent and form of precordial dulness are variable

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theria, yellow fever, measles, chicken-pox, erysipelas, septico-pyemia,