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will put just so much food in the bottle large enough to hold

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the cases. The results obtained by non-operative methods bad

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electricians, although it is based on quite a false analogy. The

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established the diagnosis; that then an operation was done

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The second case was that of a young man, twenty-one years

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retained urine, and bad dreams were responsible for the noctur-

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In England, West, Matthews Duncan, Angus Macdonald,

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these the secondary system in connection with them is influenced,

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outward, and its length was, perhaps, a sixth of an inch, while

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could be brought together under one roof and a great saving of

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view of that of the intelligence of that patient. In every case, it is

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the government, it was remembered by but few writers on the sub-

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cutting through the membranes over the cerebellum, a quantity of pus

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tain public person is confined to his house by a mild attack of

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care and attention on the part of a surgeon as hreniorrhage in

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tions, Americans si.xteen, aud Austrians sixteen. The results

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the most thoughtful among practical reformers of the present day

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ball, not, of course, through the tendo Achillis. but by imping-

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tis. R Chlorate of potassium and quinine gargle; tincture of

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with ether, etc., and, after thorough digestion and washing

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At the tiuie of her removal from the hospital (her parents

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The catheter was used on second day to relieve bladder. There

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He thought it an offense to the profession that the Chairman of

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pain to which young persons were liable, was careful to state

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our scheme of classification. It has seemed to me that it

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From the larger quantity of quinia needed in medicine this oleate is

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cently elected as follows : President, Dr. W. K. Simp.son ; vice-presi-

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Epilepsy caused by Inti'ticTanial Pressure was read by Dr. J. A. Nicliols,

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16. Medical Geography and Climatology. — Abel, Stettin ; Brock,

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II. In the presence of an acute inflammatory process

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medicine and surgery, but we consider that the massing of clin-

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that patients might at the earliest possible moment be released

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which came off freely, but on the arms and legs they were more

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Ztg., 1888, No. 21 ) has observed, in close succession, three cases of this

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they are not uniform in type; at the same time, certain given

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bin, chloraluretliane, creolin, eneal.vptol, the fluid extracts of

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middle, duo to the presence of a hard mass in its interior, by