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After studying the subject carefully and extensively for a

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Dr. Bkay— 1 am not questioning the "riglit " at all. But I say the work has been done

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he states that nearly every modern discovery in medicine goes to

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tempt at radical operation, where another may feel in duty bound

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Exhibit Committee, American Red Cross, Washington, D. C.

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Since the publication of Grossich's article innumerable operators

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five typhoid bacilli in one c.c. (16 drops) of milk under proper con-

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a very large split rubber tube with a gauze wick extending down

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without other suffering or disability, were the only abnormal

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homoeopathic principles in allopathic practice, I would have

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typhoid fever treated by vaccines. This was by Dr. E. S. Smith, and it was

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The superintendent of such an institution is naturally a busy official, and

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fensive, there is constipation, the heart beats slowly, and from the

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cal shoe. Then the arch, if depressed, should be restored to its

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built up a large practice in his specialty in diseases of the eye and ear. A

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and receptive professional and lay audience convened at or shortly

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individuals with the same originating cause. For convenience of

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has recently celebrated its centennial comes as a considerable surprise. This

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Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sloane have recently contributed a surgical

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3. Any student in medicine who submits to the Registrar of the

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All school buildings over two stories in height, not provided

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strenuous objections from the patient and her family, which add

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long as they exist as they are, I think Mr. Wasson should be kept to his agreement. So far

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that similia similibus curentur is the great law of cure. Undoubt-

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as though he were a common criminal. The consequence of this

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As I remember Prof. Vicar in Montreal once saying, ' ' You can talk a man to death as

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Serum Therapy. Krische, Pye-Smith and Beco have reported

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University, it continued in affiliation with the Toronto University — it may still remain in

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thinks of her as a great living entity, with a vital organism, with

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Diseases of the Thorax and its Viscera, by Ewart, Dermatology by Gottheil,

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source of study by many surgeons, especially the relation of flat

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still live, or upon the possibility of restitution. Nevertheless, al-

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Dr. Bray — It is a pity Dr. Armour did not state why that eight or ten dollars had been

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as cerebral hemorrhage, with its sequelae; hypertrophied heart,

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We consider it unwise to abandon non-absorbable suture ma-

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Dr. Barrick — A motion somewhat on the lines of this, in the hands of my friend and

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were the originators of this Council, and as in conference with other teaching bodies and

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always directs one's thoughts to the possibility of a pneumonia,

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Analysis of Clinical Histories with Reference to Classification.

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they get the names of ladies who have visited a doctor's office, and they go to them and

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Chippewa, Michigan, that permission be granted him to visit professionally at an island near