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Pseudo-morphia and mecv/iin are destitute of action.

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shortened by an increase of the dose ; while exactly the reverse is true

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MIYA: Yes, we removed the peritoneal exudate, pooled the

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Pharm, ei de Chim., xxvi. 65, 91, and 303.) Pr. I. Hays, of Philadel-

bupropion hcl xl 300 mg

gorem ejusmodi locis molliunt. — Tac. de Mor. Germ. — See also Pomp.

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short of absolute death. Respiration goes on ; the peristaltic movements,

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silver, astringent vegetable infusions, and mucilage of gum arable.

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Britain and Ireland, but has been discarded in the British. It is. there-

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distilled water should be employed as the menstruum; the taste being

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