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possibility of causation for the same phenomenon. The auditory

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on the 'other hand, is composed of gray matter in which

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of physicians. The patient was completely blindfolded and his

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pendiug epidemic and i)romptly took all possible steps to pre-

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free and easy. The spray should be repeated as often as

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Dr. Alexander advised the employment of aseptic treat-

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98°, pulse 150, respiration 55 ; p. M., temperature 98°, pulse

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parts of resorcin and 3 parts of salicylic acid are added, forming rmor-

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f Cases 30, 81, and 32 are attributed by Prank to Woyack.

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Arabs call it ahou ricl-ab, or father of the knee, one of the

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conditions found which may play a part — how important we

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casion a mild haemorrhage took place which lasted several

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necessarily restricted. Treating the disease and not the patient

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diseases of the nose and throat, March 26, 1889. The patient's

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Dr. Gaillard's description of the duties and attainments of a

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upon whom he had performed excision of the elbow for anky-

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posed causes have no foundation in fact. Catarrhal conditions of

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other disturbances, and thus indicate their presence and

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large pelvic abscess that had become adherent to the ab-

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number, a private communication being previously sent to each cor-

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of food cannot be the chief cause, fpr ostriches, ducks, and many

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the former was the one who did the work and was regarded as

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— effects to be desired in all stages of typhoid — and it ac-

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average was 2'7 per cent. The report was very exhaustive, the

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elaboration of new projects. Unfortunately, he seems to have

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all periods of their development and course. But it must

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rotids was a safe and commendable procedure when average

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aged 10, who was admitted into the Bradford Infirmary eleven hours

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attention was called to it by her physician. She is positive that

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strong support in the special sterility of hybrids.

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position. On September 11th a foetus three inches and a half