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very likely covers this interesting symptom ; on the other
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Club-foot considerable space was given to this very thing.
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the literature on the subject, the case to be narrated was
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movable with the kidney. The capsule was then opened and its
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Carlsbad was a very good place if one had as an object the re-
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also be introduced for discussion. The bureau of each section decides
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excluding the phenomena of sleep, trance, somnambulism, the ordi-
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the following day she was suffering so acutely that I ordered
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tumor unquestionably has a right to the title connective-
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mass has been invaded by an inflammation with the produc-
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is almost identical with the Aero-Urethroskop described by von
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profuse expectoration. Temperature on admission, 99'8° ;
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of Richmond (Stapleton), N. Y. ; Penobscot, Me., County Medical
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State of Louisana, during 1S82. New Orleans: E. A. Brandao
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ated upon by Sir Spencer Wells in 1802, who was at present alive
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Accra, on the Guinea coast, who have been performing in Brussels this
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first felt a sharp pain beginning near the nipple and extending
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methods and schemes, nnder whatever names they appeared,
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of the application of a mustard plaster, or the smelling of harts-
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singly or in various numbers, and are prone to develop in
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fine stricture of small caliber as any unnatural loss of dila-
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cough is best treated, according to Schonlein, by ammo-
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The sway in these cases was slightly increased, probably
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chief cause of the pathological condition we are endeavor-
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ures removed in a case of infantile hernia, occurring in a man
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a traumatic aneurysm and brain pulsation as the cause of the
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placed on the water-bed, she at once began to improve rapidly,
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the vomiting. Very high temperature should be reduced by
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