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of a severe pain and swelling on the inner side of the thigh.

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fair idea of the tlien existing medical view of the subject :

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well as of souls, and " while the preacher of Righteousness he was

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Walsbe, Diseases of the Lungs, London, 1871, 558, Note.

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if the space at our command admits of it, we shall take j^easure in

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fertilized by a nearly allied species than by pollen of their own

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Meeting called to order by Dr. A. B. Pierce, President.

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liip which she attributed to rheumatism. She did not notice

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in all cases of icterus. — Journal de Med. de Paris, March 24, 1883.

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state of his health, and has to accept an endowment policy pay-

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recognize it as a part of their duty to protect the trees that are

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prived of their characteristic appearance nor fail to show

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moved from a woman aged forty-one years. At the operation

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lums is a principal cause of the neglect and abuse of the insane

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tant to save life than to give a perfect leg; but I must ask

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would give but little hope of ever being able to establish — I

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a certain degree a further extension into the general peri-

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and pancreatic juice, and in dilute caustic potash. It is

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He soon became unconscious, and in this condition was taken

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epidemic. The various questions connected with its cause,

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had entered a vein. There are, however, a number of statements as to

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tion was gathered from difficult sources. Even the antiquated

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for the attainment of that end. Brevity is indeed "the soul of

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afternoon of the next day, October 2d, when there escaped

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the seventy eases. Of those lasting over two weeks, they

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that exploratory section after proper division of professional

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cated ? " To the first of these questions we are all patiently

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wound was painful, the finger became stiff and powerless, and the

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A Study of the Pathology and Treatment of Intrapelvic Inflamma-

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and a round lobulated mass of hyperplastic integument jutted

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Surgery," from p. 114 to 140, that is, if he had been willing to