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ing you that they don't seem to be able to pull themselves

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that it is one which can be well considered by us at this

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of volts, must be capable of eftecting similar results on a suffi-

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phenomena of electrolysis seen in a galvanic battery, in a volta-

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rather paves the way to their more thorough action. When

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nancy had reached the fifth month, and the sac was adherent

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small cicatrix was found in the right hemisphere, occupying

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— which reduced tlio temperature, strengthened the heart, deep-

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Pomegranate Bark. — The U. S. Pharmacopoeia excludes bark

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By B. Sachs, M. D., New York. [Reprinted from Brain.]

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fies the action of the saliva), because starchy food is not then

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The expiration is represented by the line ascending

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of the reaction to effect the solution of the generated quinium salt

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Unlike the galactocele ordinarily seen, it was due probably

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have recently come under my observation which had been

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fundamental in chorea, and which you should study most

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In a considerable number of cases tbe swelling and breaking

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and its lower side the ramus of the pubes. It was very evident

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Meeting called to order at 10 o'clock A. M. Dr. Summerell in the

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from any time within a few hours of birth. If circum-

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In using the electric endoscope of Leitcr I have been

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apparatus — which in every respect but in the fundamental

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tubated. After doing well for two days; it coughed out the

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child does respond by coughing, I give it pure brandy,

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ment by Dr. 0. H. Beown that the committee should consist of

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aggressive, untiring help. It is the only hope of success. In those

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tion is unquestionably rare, and by some is denied. What

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Society of the State of Tennessee (second day) ; New York Surgical

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The majority of the altered connective-tissue cells lie

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In the discussion upon this paper Dr. Champneys remarked that the