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another attempt was made, and the following condition dis-

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encircled the obturator vessels in their exit through the foramen,

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customed to give it in decoction. The use of a piece as large as

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Thursday evening, the '23d inst., the nomination and election of officers

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Extra-pleural Abscess simulating Empyema.— Dr. Wal-

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failure is well illustrated in the case of the common fowl and of tho

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anterior wall of the sac and the superjacent skin, or through

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by the a])plication by the physician in attendance of traction in

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packet of matter he had been using ; so that Dr. Smith had no rea-

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be a mere coincidence, or it may be an actual relief, temporary

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curately determined. To correct errors of refraction it is

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from any cause had the least tendency to sterility, the breed would

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flurry, and avoidance of force, would do much to tjuiet the pa-

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cases in which it is employed it will be advisable to watch its

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pictures of robust health ; while yet another type is dark,

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layers of ciliated columnar epithelium which lie upon loose

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mechanical measures are suspended." Scheck had said "the

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ceives an analogy in the way of brain-stretching in his oper-

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quite a choice lot of skulls illustrating the points he desired to prove.

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Medullar)/ Substances. — For this purpose it is advantageous

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word yet to say in reference to tracheotomy in croup. In

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with great uniformity the whole colon, though not to the

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may be used in all cases of insomnia. Its action on the mucous

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The Chairman remarked upon the comparative infrequency

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practically normal. The absorption of the mass was no doubt

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to this institution, and deprives us of a man possessed of fine surgical

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most part, a thin membrane, though on one side there was a

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The pains were frequent but not strong, and the patient was hys-

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at, and hesitate to accept them until supported by experiments

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has been suffering with chronic Bright's disease for the past five years.