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unusual result. After all this, still the tumor pulsated, and the blood

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Bedford, Mass., Society for Medical Improvement (private).

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we compare the unfledged theories of fifty years ago with

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2. We should not give it when labor is complicated with severe

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On motion of Dr. O'Hagan it was referred to the Committee on

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serious injury to the patient. Let me explain. The people who

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IX. In the sittings of the sections, questions and problems will be

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traction of the myeline bodies precedes the digestion.

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When in the spring of 1886 the authors undertook to

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immediate improvement in hearing. The speedy relief of apro-

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of vaccine, with all the skill he could bring to his task could not

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MACAnLEY, C. N. B., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. By direction of

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served to be diminishing in size until it reached that of a man's

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of a scarlatinoid rash after tracheotomy for croup was noted

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as much of the ends of the divided nerve as was found to be at

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a figure 8 suture which stopped the flow. Pieces of lint moistened

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uals affected; and of these coniplications, the most frequent

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tion soon ceases to be rational. Patients are injured in mind and

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