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of removing, together with the diseased bone, those portions

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mixtures have been suggested, in most of which ether, chloroform, or

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It is rare to find many in the deeper layers when autopsies

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that vulvar ulcers (not hyperplasia? or hypertrophies) may

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ceived, would lead to vast improvement in the early and effi-

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modern surgery, has been ably sustained. The bibliographical

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In 1882 I first saw the patient ; she then complained of drag-

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(first day, Albany) ; New York Obstetrical Society (private) ; New

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don: Illustrated Medical News Company, 1889. Pp. 72.

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of more stringent and explicit regulations. These will probably

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he saw the intensity of his hallucinations of hearing diminish, and

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thought that a few ren)arks by men who noted the clinical

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pericardium. The fact that they arc not due to thickening of the

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to the species. In the vegetable kingdom, instinct, of course, can

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If the mucous membrane is merely thickened or hyperplastic,

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cal Society (quarterly — Greenfield); Philadelphia County Medical

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swelling and tenderness were immediately over the lacrymal

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might not be the result of extensive experience on the subject,