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order that the necessary arrangements may be made, members are re-
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22nd, at 12.16 P.M., under the presidency of Mr. R. J. Collyns. Ordinary
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laryngitis of a subacute nature, and in a man, aged 24, with
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rapidly extends from its first seat, and grows thicker as well as wider,
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trica or in very chronic gastritis, but in neither of these conditions
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lodging, and laundry. Applications to Robert J. Gibson, Secretary,
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ing 21,872 acres. But, Sir, I see that for a district of 65,046
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disease. Tlie following brief statements will indicate that
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duced by Dr. llalsted, of the Johns Hopkins Hospital,
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made to raise the level of nutrition, and place the patient in the most
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autopsies found the typhoid bacillus in the gall-bladder in 2 1 , and Chiari
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of this part of the stomach is in a state of what is called tone, by
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"This nerve is seldom involved alone. Paralysis results from in-
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all medicines. The new Pharmacopeia requires to be so
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in life habits. Perhaps one of the most effective agents for restoring
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can have little doubt as to its identity throughout the accounts of its
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whose command he chanced to come. It is, of course, quite scandalous
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which may be absorbed, leaving a scar or, instead, form a cyst.
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for reducing the blood-pressure even below what woxild be the normal
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by weitrht found by Mr. Jackson Clarke, that he was unable
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remaining recumbent for an hour or so, and then rising, while cold
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distinctive signs of hip-joint disease are present.
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before a medical board would pronounce him fit for duly even in
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the appreciation of heat and of cold, or the thermic sense. Thus, the
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Haslam, w. f.. F.R.C.S. Some Points in the Surgical Treatment of
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Universitate Cantab; igiensi vetere studiorum amicitiicque memoria
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siderable thirst ; but he did not begin to feel ill and weak
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Dundee Branch be recognised subject to the regulations for
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duced upward and backward, close to the costal margin in the left
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inflanmiation of the nerve itself after its exit from the sciatic notch.
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it nu>st t"onmu>nIy atTects the saphenous vein near the groin. The vein
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degree to the above-mentioned influences. The indi^ddual predisposi-
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ultimately involves every texture and tissue of the body. Usually
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radius, ulna, tibia, and Hbula iu a boy suffering from mitral stenosis
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sanitary authority to include it in the list. The remaining reply is from
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pleurisy, with induration of the lung succeeding to pneu-
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sub-arachnoid effusion have been met with, also pericarditis with
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malacia, but there is no doubt that the extreme curvature
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by weitrht found by Mr. Jackson Clarke, that he was unable
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generic for tri-levlen 28mm tires
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The undoubted success of giving iron in chlorotic anemia has
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together and mixing freely in one building except general
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of the throat douche, as previously explained in our chapter on Rheu-
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these organs have an inordinate nervous supply among their inti-
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