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poison responsible for the trouble would be discov-
4. The Tuberculous Gland: Its .Significance and Treat-
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100. Both the history and general condition seemed to point to lead-
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four days two health officers from various parts of the
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occurrence of a fluctuating abdominal tumor from which, on repeated punc-
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Her father was an alcoholic and she said he used to
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saculation, tumor, calculus, foreign body, fistula,
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specialists has increased about nine per cent, in the
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I am, therefore, inclined to advise delay until after
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This condition, which is due to faulty development of the Wolffian duct,
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Autopsy showed no stenosis of the mitral orifice, but relative insufficiency
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Animals, and the Use of this Serum for Diagnostic and Other Purposes."
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puerperal states : seventy-five cases of alcoliolic and
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1. The Influence of the Use of the .\utoniobile upon the
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fifteen different observers, 404 were diagnosticated decisively to be typhoid
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fixed, shows the fatty granules. The protoplasm does not take eosin
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ing to an annual death rate of 13.32 in a thousand of iiopu-
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fuchsine, which is intended for use in the treatment
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Russia — Voronescli, government. .. J 19-25 17 8
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erally to be of an exciting and invigorating nature.
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of the finest and most epic things in the history of
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Of the six children who brought bacilli into the hospital, only one had a
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injury sustained by the renal structures in each given case. The physical
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volver, to protect herself as well as him. She was ar-
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visual fields, no possible harm being done if there is
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septics have absolutely nothing to do with a germi-
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ently well. The wound was almost healed and the result
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imany events that had taken place just before his admis-
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crush large stones which the new lithotrites now have. He further advo-
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retard the circulation and lessen the vitality and power to react and grow in
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the clot extending on the right side throughout the entire length of the
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urine. The amount of urine became less and less, and finally disappeared
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embryo fermen ' 1. It not only gives immediate relief, but aids in curing" Dyspepsia, etc.
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radical operation is still unsettled. While this would
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he resolved — fancy this in a boy not yet fourteen ! — to abstain from the
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ibles from which to make certification to fill a vacancy in
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sarzt, Gumbinnen, ehemaligem Oberarzt der koniglischen
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most useful in Sydenham's chorea are of the greatest value in habit-
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It is not easy to interpret the findings in these three dogs. Dog 21