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Lead Poisoning. Mr. D'Arcy Power : A Case of Symmetrical

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to vaccination, that is, the patients had no scars visible ; and

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twenty- four hours after the operation, coming down to normal

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confirmed by Dr. Leon Colin, and a systematic inquiry was

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71 per cent., in Luton (54, in Northampton 63, in Halifax 60, in

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and small-pox which were entering the hospitals. He said

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of nerve leprosy and two of mixed leprosy— and others not quotel in the

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of blood lost ; (3) the presence of definite local symptoms of

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Dr. Austin, Dr. Wilson, Professor Sinclair, and myself met in

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Bernard, who induced saccharine urine in animals by simply

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sibly be four, why not a dozen ? All the considerations of

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both cases some 65 per cent, of the' deaths occur before the

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sistant Demonstrator of Anatouiy at the London Hospital Medical

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commending some definite course of action to the General

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to show their regret for his death, and the esteem in which

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between the gastric and intestinal walls around the outer

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practicable on gratuity ; three have lately retired after ten years

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jaw is thicker than the left. Patient has continuous pain in scalp overthe

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Lecturer on Materia Modica and Therapeutics in the School of Medicine,

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MB.- P. MuiiANE. M.D. ; J. W. Kodgers ; J. F. Maclabbn, M.B.

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supervision, no further cases have been reported. Senhor

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from closet, lavatory, and urinal, want of water, light, and

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sale of baking powders containing alum, and, in the British Medical

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municated with, and the local board authorities summoned, and ulti-

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Irish. The proportion of British emigrants to a million of the respective

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number in IWu was 4.w,lll, are not included in these statistics. By far