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ergy and enthusiasm had been carrying on its work at the sacrifice

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though no operation had been performed upon them. There

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of the brain could be located on the surface with perfect ac-

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and then warmed for eight days at 40° C. with one litre of

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the skeleton, tended the night-bell, and, when a feast was given,

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chronic chloroform intoxication after surgical operations.

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in its Relation to Tuberculosis, by Dr. A. A. Smith, of New York • Re-

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Curetting of the Uterus (Sabail, Jour, de m6d., Oct. 6, 1889).— The

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whole mass was of a deep violet or purple-red color. At the

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methods are in use. One consists in precipitating the base from the

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the history of which he proposed to give for the protection of

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tumblerful ; to be drank slowly in all cases. At this degree

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quently observed during the careless administration of this

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series of experiments made some years ago when this oleate was in-

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can oil has the same property as French, of forming an insoluble

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ness, Watchings, from a terrible taring cough. Presently

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henign nature of his trouble, walked out in the cold and snow.

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Please favor me with a reply to this circular, and signify your in-

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crust about the orifice of the follicle. Sometimes excoriations from

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warmed for four to six days with four litres of fresh gastric

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he believed that its use in smaller doses, of say from ten to fif-

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the use of the term "dysentery" as signifying a special

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Philadelphia: P. Blakiston, Son & Co., 1012 Walnut Street. 1883*.

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mann, Moricke, and Wyder to substantiate this assertion.

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nia. Appetite was poor. Physical examination showed slight

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that she would ultimately have regained at least the use of

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cles and the internal recti. It is by this effort, costing the

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Naval Intelligence, — Official Lut of Changes in the Medical Corps

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rus. — In discussing the relative importance of descent, version,

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Senate. The first bill had been one to regulate the detention of

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to arouse old troubles. Kesolution after each fresh attack

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cliemical changes which they produce in the fluids of the body,

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scess. Failing in this effort, the probe was piislied for a