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eral reflexes. In this respect we know, from Marshall Hall,

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had left the hospital and returned to earn her own living.

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involved the labia minora, including the prepuce of the cli-

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ether, and returned the head of the humerus to its place. The

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office in whatever group of animals fonnd, or, at all events,

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trv, wherever the epidemic may prevail, to exert itself in

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and, of course, before this could be restored the removal of the

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Diagnosis, Patliology, and Treatment of Chronic Cystitis in the Male.

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Perinmum. — J.T., aged thirty, widow, domestic, free from syphi-

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the applications being made on successive days to small areas. Then

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volume that has been published by Dr. Mouod and Dr. Terril-

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103° and 105° ; fourth day, 101° and 103-2°. Died

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at times to purulent inflammation of the uterus and the Falkip-

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Anatomy and Surgery, November and December. 1882, and Janu

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In the medical profession the same rule holds good. Dis-

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sey, professor of rectal diseases ; Dr. Charles H. Knight, professor of

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abdominal diseases. When operations were done in good time,

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May, 1889, p. 214). This knowledge of the structural

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sults. The lesions of importance were found in the spinal cord

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and right half of the forehead, complete immobility of the eye-

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P. H., female, aged thirty-nine, German, consulted nie in the

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posa sharing to a great extent in its movements. When the as-

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but, unluckily, the particular kind of cases that I required

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would be likely to occur when specific inflammation of the va-

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All letters, whether intended for publication or not, must contain the

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is issued, a fee of $5." Registration is required. Practicing without

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TOHCOsa. This variety is usually widespread, and involves

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possibility of its being a case of primary chancre was enter-

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On this day she again received a drachm of sulphate of magne-

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up and treated by thorough curetting and free drainage with

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logically inexpressive of this author's meaning. No single

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and that the same elastic property may have determined

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astlima was present. He had seen some of the most severe

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vaseline should be substituted for the lotion, painted on with a brush