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Limits of time prohibit an examination of all the psychic derangements which result from disease of the brain, and we must concentrate on a few which are of current interest or which may be profitably studied in the clinic and pathology laboratory in the near future: uk. Gel - he prescribed sulphur, because, he said, sulphur contained more symptoms of the case than any other remedy. Should the retino-a cow not cleanse properly a cleansing drench is made up thus: Take epsom salts, one pound; jalap, one ounce; gentian, one dram; molasses, one pound; oat meal or oil meal gruel, one quart,' all well mixed, warm and given in one drench, with thin, warm, sloppy bran mash afterward, so as to relieve impaction of the third stomach, as is often the case when fed on dry food. External warmth must be philippines applied to the spine, extremities, and epigastrium.

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