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A Mauual of Auscultation and Percussion ; Embracing the Phys-
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dyles of the femur from pressure of splint. During day the
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syphilis — much earlier than the affection of other muscles.
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tions for keeping the child in the best health possible, pay-
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cautery, and, if possible, give some freedom of movement to the
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morning one half the population had been attacked by it.
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ing with an alkali. The alkaloid itself is perfectly white and
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that atrophy of the optic nerve was a common occurrence in
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the skin, as it causes a swelling of the corneous cells and their too
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ally we have to deal with a friendless patient, or one who
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cede epidemics of influenza. It is said that this year an epi-
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by alkalies and antizymotics, together with inhalations of di-
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with chloral hydrate as a vesicant. Some three years ago I acci-
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tions were limited to an arc of about fifteen degrees, and yet,
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the case was watched, the tumor became more and more movable
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tipvrine, acetanilide, phenacetin, resorcin, etc., we find a re-
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Barrier, read about fifteen months and attended the University of
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From early in the operation the child's pulse became almost im-
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performed at suitable intervals. In the case of interstitial fibroma
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parts more (Edematous. 5 Sol. pntass. oblor., borax, alum,
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and all such gross changes as had been described by Alexander,
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about four centimetres from the surface, while its antero-poste-
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" prolapse of the cervical zone." In the first case mentioned in
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Antiseptic Decalcified Bone. By N. Senn, M. D., Ph. D., Mil-
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poisoning in its various forms, that of organic brain disease, and
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and methodical investigation, both before and after death,
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essays are to be examined. The name of the successful author alone
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to his local medical association the results of a case where death was
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ma from conversion, and that repeated examinations with the
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experience of others. The author gives first a brief outline of
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Paris, the work of G. J. Witkowski, a man of obstetrico-histori-
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to introduce a name like that, when probably it is nothing less than
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disinfecting plant is located in a building near the Willard
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can oil has the same property as French, of forming an insoluble
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