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expressed himself much relieved. Fourteen ounces of blood were taken
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" A very short time after this, a case occurred where, previous to the rup-
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medical ward. At that time she was observed to have a slight cough. One
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of the manufacturer shall be dropped from the list of affiliated
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piest results. Conclusion, — the hydrated peroxide of iron a certain antidote
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its former energy, soon terminates the labour. On the contrary, if, as fre-
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" A liquid diet, of the mildest possible kind, I believe to be best in the
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attempt was then made to push the foreign body into the stomach with a
the views expressed agree with those of Mott outlined
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26. Vaccination. — Fielder thoroughly reviews the subject
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State Medical Society and the American Medical Association
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semble fat in the fresh state. It was only when he applied
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the position for saying "ah." Owing to the absence of
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and firmer looking substance ; and lastly, well-formed and firm " polypous"
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the proteid or nitrogenous aliments which, as a rule,
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17 'Excision of Aneurysm, with a Report of Two Cases of Fem-
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been extracted shortly before the swelling was noticed. It was in the
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size, great thickness, and at parts much consolidated, was one apparently
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this rule his fears were realized ; the chilling of the body sur-
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The author's exordium is a favourable specimen of his manner and
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skilful employment of an efficient remedy merely because ignorance may
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for various reasons — to employ the pen has existed at a time when their
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tions have, by the decree of creative benevolence, been so admirably mea-
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cerebral hemorrhage. The physician gave spirits as a
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as a matter of routine. The necessity of the times,
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much on direct infection as on constitutional and hered-
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In the twenty-third number of the jEirst volume of the " American Medical
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negative findings, the operation was again deferred, the patient
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f< ver, remittent fever, measles, whooping-cough, cerebrospinal
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to act with their maximum of facility and force. If the bulk of their con-
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some one will claim priority,* requires a few words of
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vered in, the result might have been different. The
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I have thus hurriedly, and necessarily very briefly,
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other emunctories; if due to a poison introduced from
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the superficial veins. The remainder of the solution was then thrown into
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and Villernay, in France, and Mr. Ferrall, in Ireland. The author then
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days, in which there were many other defects. It had
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had never recovered her sight. This unfortunate termination was attributed,
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of an adult in a similar stage of the disease, while the course
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mits this, is in violation of the constitution. He says that
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Nelson H. Henbt, M.D., to Mrs. Sarah Sloan, both of New
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long time, particularly at night, and at times he suffers from
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at the Fifty-first Annnal Meeting of the American Medical Associa-
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favourable among females than males. 19. That the prognosis of fever is
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pearance of the inflammatory fulness and lachrymation ; the easy dispersion
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could possibly be referred to the yellow fever infection.
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remotest west with more than the speed of the revolving seasons — the dis-