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and then warmed for eight days at 40° C. with one litre of
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guor. Her appetite, usually good, was capricious or very poor.
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of insects. The beings of more robust organization resist this act,
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benefited more by the exhibition of cannabis indica. The
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it as soon as possible, or irreparable damage may occur be-
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ocular tension, disc somewhat pale, vessels distended, and ap-
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The speaker was in doubt as to the correctness and propriety of
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use of plain water I am not prepared to say. All gouty
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ounce of syrup of ipecac in trying to vomit a ])uny infant
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on the body. She had been treated for diabetes. She was
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ters grew inadequate, so that frequent migrations were made
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it has resulted in benefit, inflammatory processes, ovarian neuralgia,
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glass of considerable strength, or thermic changes will cause
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after the accident in which the nerve had been cut. In both
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Hudson River and other streams, and then make it so accessible
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was given, and the length of time the active talkative de-
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tion, under which Dr. Ward was acting, in proof of the declaration
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varying circumstances, yet our best efforts will be futile if
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minute subarachnoid hsemorrhages varying from a millimetre
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whilst salts of potasdum are very poisonous, those of sodium are
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was more difficult. It was not enough that the gynsecologist
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and pia and dura respectively ior pia mater and dura mater.
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nephrorrhaphy has resulted in cure, and, where failure has
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years. In a case of typical pneumonia we have five stages, viz., en-
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SnEPiiErtD and Dr. .MacIJonnell, was then read by Dr. Mac-
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board will make application for the necessary invitation to the Secre-
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are not quite satisfactory, from the intermixture of the influences