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exhibited the scar tissue had stretched as the children grew
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ures by urethrotomy has been before the profession for gen-
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over bad roads was the only means of communication. At last vac-
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and 28, 1890. Representatives will be present with papers and ad-
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malt liquors, and spirits will be one on which we shall con-
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was due to some affection of the throat, he liad applied to the
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the third class of my division. I refer to those where either
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or appear subsequently to these spasms and be confined to a few
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Comparing the death-rate from tuberculosis among nurses with that of
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to remove the growth ; and that subseiiuently an autopsy
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terior wall of the pharynx extending below the right cord.
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od. — Dr. A. F. CnRRiER described by diagram a modified meth-
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bined). This formula has remained useful since I adopted,
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tory symptoms, was seized with violent spasm amounting to
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regular meals a day during the second year, and four during the
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Summing up, therefore, the inflamiDations and infiltra-
plates for the purpose of illustrating the advantages of denud-
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disc was much thinner along the scar of the fracture than else-
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the inventor of the treatment and his followers have not
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lying behind the uterus ; the eruption occurred with the
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culous Ulceration of the Intestines ; Absence of Symptoms ;
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sense of weight, oppression, and nausea, with much dizziness.
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has been passed by the Senate. The prospect tliat tlie law will
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Report Prepared in the Office of the Secretary of the State Board
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four hours, while I gave half-drachm or drachm doses at longer in*
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instead of using two preparations, the following may be used : Tannic
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In a letter from the boy's mother to Dr. W. G. Stewart,
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of laparotomies for a similar condition, which in this city alone
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I distinctly recollect asking for a four-percent, solution, and
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for patients who had undergone this operation, and to try and
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atrophy after about three weeks — ^just the time when a de-