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mine which is to be used ; sometimes one is more applica-
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better agent tban a solution made from Seller's antiseptic
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lymphoid overgrowths and obstructions, may be the outcome
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In certain subjects there is utter loss of consciousness. The pa-
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instrument had all been constructed in such a manner that Ihey
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retraction after section ; and the tendon was cut through ob-
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and leg, coincident in time of occurrence, indicated deep rather
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cases may be taken to illustrate the difference between an officious
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the pain and that the results of interference for its relief justi-
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tient can breathe through his nose, but he is conscious that
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but I was impressed with the belief that there were decomposing
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syphilitic subjects with these hyperplasias the acme of dis-
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not experienced as much lameness at first as was the case
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the afterbirth at full term. With the fingers I removed the
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performed either before viability, or during the latter part of pregnancy,
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epidemic has been of the remittent continuous type, has
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comes aware of its existence the self-interest of the physician
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has formed in the trachea, there is a risk of pushing it in
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tested at the hospital, and which contain representatives of
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tal functions rapidly regain as much power as they had
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ciliary nerves, and this excitation explains the ocular manifes-
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that the fragments did not return to the bladder. Connecting
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caused by tertiary syphilis. Now we shall see that syphilis
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evening's paper is one which is certainly of great interest
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" Proceedings in Congress, (p. 48) — The Spreaker presented the
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mine. " We have invented away its complicated parts."
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Perinmum. — J.T., aged thirty, widow, domestic, free from syphi-
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ensiform appendix to the umbilicus, twenty-three inches on the
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Fine Wood Engravings. Philadelphia and London : F. A. Davis, 1890.
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or deficiency of oxidation being ascribed as the causes of obesi-
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cephalocele where a comparatively small pedicle existed, but the