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It has been my fortune to treat, or share in the treat-
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formed in order to give patients relief, still it afforded no
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incision, and the skin and muscles were lifted together from the
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and deaths reported during the two weeks ending March 11, 1890:
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hibited a certain degree of animosity. The discussion turned
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Exlra-uterine Pregnancy (Lopez, Prog. Gin., June 25, 1889). — The
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its own is worthy of more serious consideration in health and
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cal with that of hyperplasia occurring in non-syphilitic
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quite remarkable, the amount being about nine times that
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We find in the American Journal of Pharmacy (March, 1883,
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The Routine Bromide Treatment of Epilepsy. — In under-
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practice. Many others have opposed inhalations on theo-
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Raymond, Henry I., First Lieutenant and Assistant Surgeon. To be
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traction of the myeline bodies precedes the digestion.
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1 — u — « — \) — I — u — « — g — II — I — « — g — 1 — » — t — » — 1 — » — n — i — n—
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spirit dominates them, that they arc not themselves, they experience
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disease and the probability of the necessity of an operation very
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main stem. In each end of this upper cross-band a hole
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and that can properly be given in this journal, will be answered by
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and fifty-nine. As a rule, the influenza in Madrid began lightly,
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The Causes and Treatment of the so-called TTncontroUable Vomiting
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I. The physical examination will be rigid ; and each candidate will,
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discharging abscesses — nearly all in that condition when
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an irregularity in the parietal bone, running a short distance
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did not follow the kidney in its movements. Three sutures of
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* Pure caffeine only should be used, the citrate being a doubtful
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presidents, and, by his contributions of worthy papers and his interest-