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citing cause. The scarlatiniform eruptions belonging in the

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membrane, leaves an extension by direct continuity as the

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neutralize these dangers. While I myself do not know of

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for which prescribed ten minims of McMunn's elixir of opium

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that in some the entero-colitis is not established until the

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in all epidemics, much variety has existed in the combina-

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otomycosis. It is of rare occurrence among children under fifteen

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a long posterior splint of cloth to tlie back of the thigh and leg,

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therapeutic values. Atpresentantipyrine, antifebrine, and phen-

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The intimate relationship existing between the patholooical

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In the case of a myopic eye, if the luminous point is

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lively, could be plainly observed. The operation for extraction

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otomycosis. It is of rare occurrence among children under fifteen

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lation — in inspiration, in expiration, in inspiration and ex-

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tended with flatus, should be packed away with sponges.

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light ecchymosis between the skull and scalp immediately under

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croup, it is best to avoid them as much as possible. Still,

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on April 8th, nth, and 10th, in New York, in the form of a decennial

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blood of animals which have been kept sleeping for hours by means

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ground, and goes into convulsions. Another will turn round and

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The effect upon their morbid ideas ai.d feelings of removal from

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and again pass through the same cycle of misfortune. The

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existed alone, and innumerable peripheric symptoms were to

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general power in such matter ceased. It was not fair to blame

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form of club-foot and curvature of the spine would now come

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dentally discovered that when powdered chloral, sprinkled upon

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Circulatory Apparatus in Man. With a Brief Consideration of

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fess to be tlie author of it, and as a matter of history it was performed

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upon to treat another case, and the conditions would permit, he

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He could not say whether a second operation in one of the

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ened respirations, and the diminished chest expansion.

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icals are placed in a glass retort; a carbon and zinc apparatus, with a spiral plati-

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a diagram to illustrate the fundamental thesis that runs

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subject, and, in order to avoid useless repetition, I shall

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at Raleigh during this winter, that not a man raised his voice

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o'clock, when he was arou.^cd for a short time, but went to

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to formidable proportions towai-d the end of December and the