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burg; Schech, Miinchen; M. Schmidt, Frankfurt a. M.
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of the kidney. The result was apparently satisfactory. The
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not necessary to employ antipyretic measures unless the
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sidered in the causation of such tendencies. First, a nervous
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without choleraic symptoms. Thirteen of these eighteen
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tender, offering more than the normal resistance to the finger.
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surgical diseases in a way calculated to mislead the surgeon in
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for the fluid preparations. It has been my experience that
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from nine to fifty-two weeks, the average being twenty-two
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VIII. 0-5726 gramme of substance gave 0-0050 gramme ash = 0-87
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ent times — once for the removal of placenta after a three-
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Treatment of Warts. — M. Vidal employs the following proce-