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No. 312. — We have not been able to find any allusion to the treat-
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a fine sieve, but no trace of the missing glass was found. I next
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McElderry, Henry, Major and Surgeon, is relieved from duty at Fort
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could be distinctly felt behind the uterus, and it was soft and of
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May 13th ; Arkansas, Little Rock, May I4th ; Indiana, Indianapolis,
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without assignable cause, but especially if underfed, has an exagger-
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membership. Other men of science who interest themselves in the
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weight during the summer months. They weighed no more,
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tab-like mass of integument, seated just on the anterior border
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first be roused, but it steadily progresses until it is profound. It
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forms, the swelling, oedema, or serous infiltration which
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In the Gazette hebdomadaire de m^decine et de chirurgie,
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pain and dyspnoea and keep up the general condition of the
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gratifying to our pride to entertain such honored guests, and it is
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the Pharmaceutische Zeitung, of Berlin, decided not to admit
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to relapse is regarded as essential from a diagnostic standpoint, and
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the question of standardizing preparations of toxic drugs is not a new-
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infectious endometritis, more particularly the gonorrhoeal
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to be congratulated upon the success which has attended
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can oil has the same property as French, of forming an insoluble
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straight portion of the urethral canal, a considerable por-
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wealth. His genial face, his engaging manners, his hearty laugh,
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high. The muscular spasm remains from five to ten seconds,
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ache, with pains in the back and thighs. For about two years a
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chicken-bone drainage-tube was inserted and antiseptic dressings ap-
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There are undoubtedly cases in which the operation is indicated even
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is transient, its use is followed by increased congestion, and
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process. This always occurs at the point of junction be-