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named '^staphylococci." The bacilli occur in the form of rods of vary-

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on the form of the curve is at times absent, though the muscle

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legs, then his arms, and then of the diaphragm. There was no affec-

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gestion of the lungs, while the whole body was bedewed with a cold

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none are sudden except epilepsy. The first onset is always instantane-

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£ 3d. Although the annual expenditure was considerably increased,

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also on the mental tendencies of the individual, j.^. ;i [,, ,,-, ;j ;

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fact which has long been observed that the output of uric add dimin-

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fingers, surgeons are now accustomed to wear sterilized India-rubber

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recognition of his services as lecturer. All the candidates'

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laxed, and the food not only passes quickly through the stomach, but

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former gratifying proportion of successful cases continues to

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organism ; also the necessary topographical details, as well

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ing metropolitan members of the medical profession urging

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Tlie result is not so satisfactory as could have been wished,

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which will most probably occupy the whole available time of

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the base, which are more movable during the acts of breathing, when

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pected to exist. With the limited experience at present

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theatre in this country. It was built on the site of the theatre

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becomes evident that cancer may occur in any part of the body, a fact

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We reserve the question of cure of organic diseases. All

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1S88. He served in the Afghan war in 1878 80 (medalj, and in the Egyptian

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declining at nidbury, it is increasing again. A recrudescence has takeu

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of quinin will cinchonize patients who have just taken ergot, when

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tory illustrates: A patient of mine had been gradually passing into this

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Treatment. — I have found no treatment efficacious for the attacks,