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observation of oculists only, before this society devoted to

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tincture of cocillafla every three hours were ordered. Several

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Dr. 11. L. Taylor thought that, if rest and protection were se-

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the symptoms of drip, and did not have fully developed symp-

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favoring u^ with eo/nmumcations w respectfully called to the follow-

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with the numbering of those given in the clinical part. They were se.

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or anti-convulsive agent as the bromides, and that it is

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States, and in Accordance with an Act of Congress providing for the

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ings will be iiuicrted when they are received in time.

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and regulations shall be prepared by the Supervising Surgeon-General

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suffering from chronic exhausting diseases, and deductions

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only a report from January 1, 1875, to December 31, 1882

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fluid (64 grains permanganate of potassium to a pint of distilled

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The first rays of light upon this dark scene were the discoveries of

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made by Ebstein in the Charite in Berlin, a movable kid-

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A correct diagnosis is of the first importance, for upon it

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sults from those obtained by all other investigators. In view

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of the cases an autopsy failed to reveal a sufficient lesion. Of the re-

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tissues delicate. Not so frequently did supernutrition or pleth-

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were attached to silk threads moving on a pulley and ruu-

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body. The community is injured by teaching the people to attach

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am convinced by experience, do much to insure its members

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weigh a pound more than a healthy child of the same age. Did

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emphatically I am. The latter plan must, of necessity, be

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predisposed subjects. The same may be said of severe

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occurred, and that his analysis, as far as it had gone, failed to

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be a wreck, before their very eyes, of that which is but barely

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In any event it must not be forgotten that the mono-

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generalized. These disorders were, as a rule, more persistent

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stages between the slightly swollen connective-tissue cells

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an accessory of the school, has just received an additional donation of

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of rest) has been noticed during sighing. Joachim concludes that the

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goitre consulted him nearly a year ago. She had been

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January 25, 1890, while sufficiently conservative, calls atten-

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should be fluid. The great danger in the disease was prostra-

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assay that may be thoroughly reliable. — New Remedies.

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based on careful and intelligent deductions, and the conclusions