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Lithsemic manifestations in the upper air-pas<ages fail to
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various influences of change common to the uterus, the adhe-
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Fatty heart may be suspected by an exceedingly feeble cardiac im-
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Patient has enjoyed good general health, although he has
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Rubber Kings, with Some Practical Suggestions as to their
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better imagined than described. For the incision of all
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Overfeeding, or the production of fatne.s or of obesity in the
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pupils wore even, and responded slowly to liglit. Patellar refiex
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fewer than in 1888. Tliere was only one death by small-pox.
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our materia tiiedica and indispensable as a therapeutic
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And, again, whereas a current of one ampere, passed in either
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traordinary phenomena, the modes of motion — beat, light,
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(Edema renders" suspension a painful process. Weir Mitchell's
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The crutches devised to steady the flexed lower limbs
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a copious discharge of lymph, or thin, clear fluid from the
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quite different from those which tempted the English vicar to try
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even after Rosenthal's time many, in fact most, of the in-
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larger doses being required to cause purging. They were ac-
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menstruation, and a variety of reflex symptoms with the physi-
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fourth tilled up rapidly with granulations. The patient was
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teaches me that it conveys nothing of diagnostic import,
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followed, but in November she presented herself with the
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states that reductions in fares have been arranged for Ameri-
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nancy terminated by a miscarriage. She says she suffered se-
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local as well as general — or by some critical crisis, such as
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a reception asylum for forty patients, in which all are thorough-
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the examination of questions pertaining to the public welfare.
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of the extent and severity of the disease. If the disease is
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and their characters and situations noted. Fragments of
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were fast degrading the poor wards of the county. That liberties of
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such an one will be found to have had no practice in either art. While
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down upon the intestines, they were found to be considerably
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has informed our readers, has at length found its way to Lon-
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tion " with a solution of chlorine, with evaporation to dryness,
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of its aid and the imminence of the danger. Finally, to
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would progress until they were obliged to leave off active work.
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This experiment supplies us with a very delicate sub-