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to provide a suitable fire proof building for the Army Medical
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risania Medical Society (private) ; Brooklyn Anatomical and Surgical
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mucus, both alone and with pus and blood. These cases of
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quart, two hours before the chill the amount will be increased
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L. Gosselin, " Arch. g6n. de medecine," December, 1854, p.
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in such a manner that they will be neither scrofulous nor
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the lungs? And he goes on to say: If by congestion of the
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appear differently ; in the facial nerve the exudation extends to the
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again we see life gradually sapped by rebellious chronic
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Now, what will you do with it ? The doctor, while a teacher, is
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gonorrhoeal cases, two were complicated by oophoro-salpingitis. As a
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topsy both lungs wore found slightly emphysematous, and pleu-
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and without adduction. Shortening is present when there
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grounded evidence. Recovery may be regarded as not in-
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Seeking to remedy this defect, I found, by hermetically
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the formation of more or less extensive cysts. Such a process
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raised from the ground ; nor was it reasonable to supjiose that
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sected up; separation of the soft parts from the bone was, of
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Dr. R. H. Satbe had noticed that some of the patients ex-
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xMattiiews Duncan on Minor Displacements of the Ute-
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adhesive ])laster, and, covering it with a compress soaked in a
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last spring, equally good authorities differed regarding the con-
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after the first twenty-four hours, presenting the appearance of
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radial arrangement, should be called actirw-dadothrix. Actinomycosis
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I would have you always bear in mind that the problem
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from chronic chancroids may be produced by these chan-
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which has come under my care has been imported." Thus
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titioner, will .â– soon liiive a new litiiliiin^' completed.
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1. That the association receives this intelligence with deep sorrow,
depakote er bipolar disorder
erable force was needed to hold it in such a position that it
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bring out a few points, and would, he hoped, settle them
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