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that a certain instability in the condition of the nerves, existing
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Mortality in Cities in the TTnited States. — The following table rep-
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ration 40 ; p. M., temperature 101°, pulse 140, respiration 40.
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eral cases of severe abdominal disease which had passed unrec-
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of the character, symptoms, pathological phenomena, and
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the point where the central retinal vessels enter the optic
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heretofore been in vogue require remodeling in order to
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or it might leave dormant foci which came into activity one
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Dr. William McCoUom ; vice-president, Dr. L. A. W. Alleman ; recording
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Mechanical Dy.smenorrho-a. By William Goodell, M. D. [Reprinted
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solution of continuity find their way to internal structures
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Ovaries. — Dr. Geohge J. Engei.mann, of St. Louis, read a paper
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to the patient. It had been the speaker's opinion all along that
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future, the attacks, which had lasted fifteen years, did really cease, and
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were very strong progf. They had convinced the speaker by
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pocket book, while the poor preacher has been postponed, as we
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of treatment; the general health during treatment; and,
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day of May and continued in session until the night of the 17th of
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By B. Sachs, M. D., New York. [Reprinted from Brain.]
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ated and intensified by hereditary transmission. We witness the
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arm and leg were more profound and he had unconscious and
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berg; Liebermeister, Tiibingen; Hosier, Greifswald; Naunyn, Strass-
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fever being present in the older ones, with headache and moder-
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had employed it must have recognized the tendency in patients
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and presumptive proof that, when administered early in all
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portion of the aqueous fluid was not rendered turbid by a
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the disease there are no diagnostic signs to exclude it from eczema in
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refrained' from doing, wishing the operation to rest upon it>
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vigorously in rich soil, fails to set its fruit even when aided. This
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rectum, but could detect no sucli lesion there. He next ad-
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the end of the war was ordered to duty in California, where he re-
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Lyon medical, has an elective affinity for tlie ganglia. We may,