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character of the aura. Dr. Ingrain had reported aura in fifty
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tory of a case which had occurred in his practice many years
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above Poupart's ligament. After division of the abdominal
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uterus had so far maintained its position, lie tliouglit the ad-
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toven, and was found dead in his chair in the morning. The
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1877). He then began the study of medicine under Dr. Paul A.
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could not be obtained on account of the contracted condition
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tour. They are well shown in Fig. 2. On several occasions
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a further value, in consideration of that other department of statis-
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be made with regard to infectious diseases, that the certificate of
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and an honor for me to read a paper before the Academy
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liable to convulsions. The pain of dengue is something that
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often ushered in with a chill. The swelling is sudden. The
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than the diagnosis of its e.xistenee. Mr. .Jacobson makes thi.s
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Service, the performance of surgical operations on the cadaver
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of Intra-uterine Therapeutics '< by Dr. Andrew F. Currier ; Remarks on
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four or five years the arms would become affected wiih inco-
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ence of sea-water vapor" and those from the seaboard the
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corded ultimately. The plates were for the most part of very
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poned, and that these cavities be quickly evacuated when one is about
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As the iohthyolate contains 12 per cent, of sulphur, this
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Hygiene and Puhlic Health. By Lonis C. Paekes, M. D.,
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Jency was always present, and obstinate constipation existed.
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then showed a ]iin, two inches and three quarters in length,
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ated M. B. at the University of London in 1841 and M. D. in
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Dr. McWoeney and Dr. Patorson together, they had mentioned
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admitted to the medical wards of the Montreal General Hospital,
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occasional interruptions of one to two months. This latter method
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severe character. The patient was under the care of Dr. Jane-
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a large cancerous ulceration of the mucous membrane, with infil-
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conrse, easy, but where the bone was lacking it was very diffi-
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in point of earning a livelihood, is the rever.se of cheering. A
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3. It produces an exaggerated cystocele which forbids the use of a
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efifect from the stimulation of the inspiratory fibers which