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upon bodily and mental effort, a disinclination for business,

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Fio. 1.— Diagrammatic outline of the splint, showing thu parallcli-sm between

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wise discharsred. For the other points of interest we have

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tuted a frequent precursor of paralysis, which might accompany

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lowed by distressing vomiting. The pain had continued, and

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the disease is ordinarily conveyed from one individual to an-

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and no reduction of temperature etfeeted ; suspended quinine,

metoclopramide antiemetic generic reglan

* Still better is the addition of eight grains of grape sugar to one

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but few reach large proportions. Social position, personal

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tion to be present, and from all endorsing the propriety of making

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per cent. H, and 0-7894 gramme COj = 56-85 per cent. C.

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lastly with 0'5 per cent, hydrochloric acid. The hair while

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of the attack and of the nature of the surroundings from

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Seventh Annual Report of the Philadelphia Polyclinic and College

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ated M. B. at the University of London in 1841 and M. D. in

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very susceptible to the poison of anthrax. If the canine organ-

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contracted with or without the parents' knowledge. Much

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hyperplastic results which they have given rise to.

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distance from Kbnigsbcrg to Berlin — ninety-six Prussian

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although bone changes were not obvious. A number of these

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the brushing or swabbing out of the anterior part of the urethra with a

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grouped together within a small area in the medulla, lesions

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well as mentally. He was a minister of a foreign country to

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of the great frequency of nephritis in these cases. My own

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moved, it may cause serious or fatal complications ; and until

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The dura was very tense immediately beneath the right lamina

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epidemic has been of the remittent continuous type, has

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some pus at the site of the sutures, which were silk-worm gut,

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and also the promptness with which contraction of the tis-

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combined. This was noticed before Stevens's name was

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ment of the uterus, which cause so much dysmenorrhoea and

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dent with many of the menial offices of a servant. He ground the