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geal tube. With this instrument it is not necessary to in-

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posterior sway of 24 mm. with the eyes open, and in 8 cases

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essays are to be examined. The name of the successful author alone

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of three hours. In justice to Dr. Kloman, of Baltimore (whose

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ment, which was first employed, by his father fifteen years ago :

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them. The disintegratibility of the different classes of foods

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have the tube removed for a slight cough. On removal of the

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morphine hypodermically. One liypodermic injection, contain-

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Death ensued in thirty-six hours, evidently from urine fever.

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else could they publish what they know to be the lying advertise-

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We recommend the same assessment as heretofore ($2) two dollars

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chloride, quadrilateral crystals are formed. The double gold

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a ligature, has ever occurred. The normal longitudinal tension of

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spiritns juniperi, spiritus lavandulas, sulphur sublimatum, tinct-

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the greater the difficulty of an operation. Given, then, an

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if I am to continue the work for another two years, what is done,

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Homicide and Suicide, in the City and County of Philadelphia

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The present study is supplementary to an article pub-

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M. D., F. R, C. S. E., Professor of Ophthalmology in St. Mungo's Col-

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of raonochloracetic acid, which had the peculiar property of

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bing the walls with bread. Kissing of children by strangers or licking

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articles which, although they may be creditable to their authors, are