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fessor of surgery. Dr. Krause will superintend the publication of an

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by the progress of modern cerebral surgery. Dr. T. Claye Shaw,

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Nov. 17th, 1882. Reprint from Maryland Medical Journal of

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than it did in an adult. The amount of exercise varied in an

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and by secondary deposits. The fatal issue occurred at the end of the

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now that the "safety" pattern is, to a large degree, sup-

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The sohition should be prepared as follows: Dissolve the

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The late Dr. Lewis Hall Sayre. — At the meeting of the Board of

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Bellevue ! We know that the many warm friends of that College

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glasses and can only rarely be induced to submit to another

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As the trouble becomes chronic, the whole vulva, more or

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inconvenience whatever, and had drank water and milk freely.

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pelvic cavity and crowding the os uteri high above the

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restrict its usefulness. As the accuracy of its results de-

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the vaccine matter I have sent them. Dr. Hunter assures me, that

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be exposed, and it has similarly responded after an interval of

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him. He lost some blood from the right nostril. Immediately

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presents a distinct notch resembling the hilum of the spleen. The

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revised. With Six Ilundred and Forty-two Illustrations.

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mon reed, such as pipe-stoms are made of. This home-made

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lished in the abstract of sanitary reports received by him during the

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yielded at once ; but if they were relieved by means of an ap-

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the brighter and keener, but unkind and thoughtless op-