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acute and many chronic diseases, and are agents the proper em-
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space for observation. The intestines were then retracted and
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had been assigned with instructions to visit at once each
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ment; Gyniecological Society of Boston; Burlington, Vt., Medical
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joints. Persons on first getting up, as in grippe, say they
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open to improvement. The results of the investigations of
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the ligature, and then passing the ligature between this perito-
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in connection with his account of this rare affection of the con-
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Skene and Emmet, in their latest works, had referred to this
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auditory acuity of different patients and between the different stages of
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the idiot has a bad one, and hence the product of his labor is of an in-
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out of forty such cases recorded — that of marked atrophy of the
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In conclusion of his paper,Dr. Hill remarked that hethoughl more
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patient gave a history of severe attacks of dyspnoea which
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be everywhere replaced by tubular wells. A thick pellicle forms in old
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scanty, thick, and tenacious, the best results have been se-
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standstill. The manifold details of these investigations
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aseptic. Every surgeon finds an emergency bag indispensa-
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The AL[EN T tsr and Nfl'kologist for April, 18S3, sustains the
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nervous manifestations, or to cause the absorption of chronic
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sonal inspection, this symptom was observed, and in all of
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to the report as "an ill-starred document which has probably
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Official Changes in Kings County. — The new board of Chaiitie,s
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And, lastly, that, when given under the circumstances proper
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day. The mother, a most intelligent lady, assured me that she
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same circnmstances. In point of fact this is not the case. Ex-
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Dopuytren held the chair, and his memory is still green. The
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tinues during six or eight days, and sometimes more. G. Cuvier fixed
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noBum from each one, he sutured these to the freshened portions
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the healing of the chancroid the woman went out, her external